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PetraNet makes extensive use of Javascript to dynamically deliver the content of the site. In particular, we make use of AJAX calls to our server, to update orders and pages without reloading the full page, thus improving the time taken to load pages. We also perform form validation to ensure searches and similar are presented with the right content to maximise your query responses.

If your browser is not Javascript enabled, or you have actively disabled Javascript, you may find some processes and links will not work as expected. To test how compatible your browser is, please click here to view our test page.

Please note that if you are using IE6, please ensure you have performed a 'Windows Update' (or if possible upgrade to a more modern browser, such as IE8 or Firefox3), to ensure that you are running with an AJAX compatible browser.


PetraNet uses cookies to verify your identity and keep track of your latest order, as well retaining preferences you may have chosen when using our site. No personal information is ever stored in any cookies generated by our servers.

When you submit your username and password on the login page, a small piece of unique information known as a "session cookie" is stored on your computer, and sent back to us each time you click on any link or button within our site. This allows us to know who you are for the duration of your session. When you log out or allow your session to time out (which happens after the timeout set for your login, or 20 minutes of inactivity), this cookie and the information associated with it is deleted from our system to ensure your login cannot be compromised. It is not used for any other purpose.

In aditon we also store some "persistent cookies", which as the name suggests, remain in your cookie cache after you log out, and even close the browser. These cookies store data to help improve your use of the site, such as remembering the last sort field you used when viewing orders or the colour preference on the book details pages. This enables the system to remember your preferences as you use on the site, both for the current session and any future session.

If your browser does not accept cookies, you will not be able to use the site.

EU Cookie Directive:

In order to comply with Article 2 of Directive 2009/136/EC, which amends the E-Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC, within the EU Electronic Communications Framework (ECF), all businesses must now make you aware of the use of cookies on their site. Our use is outlined in the section above, which gives an overview of our use of cookies. Below is a table listing the specific cookies we use.

Cookie NamePurpose
login A unique identifier given to each login session.
cur_order A unique identifier containing a reference to any current order being processed.
pickstate Colour preference for book details screen
pickstate1Colour preference for Admin screen
pickstate2Colour preference for Admin screen
pickstate3Colour preference for Admin screen

No Third Party cookies are set by PetraNet.

Other useful links:

Speed Test

In order to test the speed of your connection to our servers, we have a download test page, which will download a small book cover image to your browser and records the time between the request and a successfully completed download. Typically if the download takes less than 50 milliseconds, then you have a very good connection. Anything greater than 200 milliseconds may be cause for concern. If you persistently see times of greater than 500 milliseconds you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider.